Dividing and Selling Personal Property Has Never Been This Easy

At Nemu, we take on the complicated task of splitting or selling personal property so that you don’t have to. Not only does this save you stress and time, but it makes the process easy, organized, and a way for you to celebrate family heirlooms. 

Deciding who-gets-what, what-to-sell, and what-goes-where is hard, especially during grief and heartbreak. Nemu empowers you to navigate these times by making it easy to divide and sell your personal property. 

About Us

We get it because we have been there. A few years ago, Sarah, Nemu's founder, lost her grandmother. When her family was trying to figure out how to divide their inherited personal property amongst siblings, she could see how emotionally challenging and stressful it was going to be. Each of the siblings had busy lives, lived all over the country, and shared varying attachments to their parent’s ‘stuff.’ She looked for a solution to help make this easy, efficient, and fair. When she couldn’t find one, she built one. 

Today, Nemu is helping families quickly catalog, price, equitably divide, and sell their personal property. Don’t need all of these tools? That’s fine. We can create a customized package for you.

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Who we can Help

Sometimes the burden that is associated with death, divorce, or downsizing can be hard to bear. It imposes loss, financial strain, and emotional challenges. With our support, Nemu will help you find balance amidst some of life’s most trying times. We help you save time and money. But most of all, we prevent tension and potential fractured relationships with loved ones. 


    Divorce can be challenging, but Nemu works to take away some of the strain that it causes. On top of everything else, it can be too much to figure out how to divide assets and property effectively and fairly. It can get very stressful and tense quickly. And hiring a lawyer to help is expensive.

    With the use of our algorithm and the hard work of our team, Nemu will take care of everything for you. Without having to hire help or cause disagreement and extra stress, your items will be split fairly and easily. 


    Experiencing a death in the family is devastating. Dealing with grief can be heartbreaking. Not to mention the stress of settling the estate. This can make a tough situation even harder. Nemu is here to help with that. 

    Nemu empowers you to take inventory of everything you inherit or own. If needed, we work with a group of appraisers to price your personal property. Then, family members submit emotional value scores so that we can equitably allocate personal property. And, anything left over, we help you sell quickly so you can get back to your life. 


    Whatever the reason you are downsizing, the process can prove to be physically and emotionally exhausting and take a lot of time. With our guidance, you can save hours of time and much needed money. 

    Nemu will help to clarify what you want to keep, sell, give, and who to give to. We make sure your items are cataloged effectively, appraised, advertised, and reach the right buyers. Allowing you to focus on what is most important.  

How we can Help

Whether you need one or all of the below services, we are here to help. It's as simple as that.


You provide us with pictures or videos of your items and our team will create your personal property catalog.


Beneficiaries submit 'emotional values' for each item. Our algorithm takes those scores and equitably divides property evenly amongst participants.

Price & Sell

We provide price estimates and work with appraisers to assign certified values of your property as needed. This allows you to make informed decisions about what to keep or sell.

  • “It was quick (and fun!) selecting the items I wanted. Way less pressure than choosing in person!”

    Teresa, beneficiary

  • “While I was grieving the loss of my Mom, Nemu made it easy for me to organize her property and fairly split it amongst my siblings.”

    Margaret, estate representative

  • “I liked how Nemu’s algorithm made the division fair across my siblings”

    Hal, beneficiary

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