Dividing and selling personal property has never been this easy

Discover how Nemu can make the complicated task of splitting or selling personal property effortless and help you cherish your family heirlooms with joy!

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How does Nemu work?

We get it, because we have been there

A few years ago, Sarah, the founder of Nemu, experienced the loss of her grandmother. Witnessing the emotional and stressful process of dividing inherited property among family members, she realized the need for an easy, efficient, and fair solution. Unable to find one, she decided to build it herself.

Today, Nemu assists families in swiftly cataloging, pricing, equitably dividing, and selling their personal property.

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Who can we help

Sometimes the burden associated with death, divorce, or downsizing can be hard to bear. It imposes loss, financial strain, and emotional challenges.

Nemu will help you find balance amidst some of life’s most trying times. We help you save time and money. But most of all, we prevent tension and potential fractured relationships with loved ones. 

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  • Teresa, Beneficiary

    “It was quick (and fun!) selecting the items I wanted. Way less pressure than choosing in person!”

  • Margaret, Estate Rep

    “While I was grieving the loss of my Mom, Nemu made it easy to organize her property and fairly split it amongst my siblings.”

  • Hal, Beneficiary

    “I liked how Nemu’s easy to use app and algorithm made the division fair across my siblings”

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