Divide personal property the easy way

We empower you to manage, divide, and sell your personal property without hassle.

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A smarter way to split property

Whether you are experiencing a divorce or managing an estate, we empower you to track, price, and equitably split your property without losing time or emotional bandwidth.

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We help you:

- Save countless hours of administrative work 
- Avoid cost of professional and travel fees 
- Prevent fractured relationships with loved ones

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  • “It was quick (and fun!) selecting the items I wanted. Way less pressure than choosing in person!”

    Teresa, beneficiary

  • “While I was grieving the loss of my Mom, Nemu made it easy for me to organize my her property and fairly split it amongst my siblings.”

    Margaret, estate representative

  • “I liked how Nemu’s algorithm made the division fair across my siblings”

    Hal, beneficiary

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