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Divorce is tough, especially with belongings division causing more stress and emotional strain.

Nemu eases the process, ensuring fair distribution while saving time and money. Let Nemu handle the burden and make asset division stress-free for you!

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How Nemu can simplify the division of assets in divorce

Nemu eases the emotional stress of dividing and selling property by using an objective approach. Our app allows family members to assign an emotional value to your possessions and split them fairly. For whatever you don't want to keep, we can help you sell items at the best price possible. Win Win.

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  • Reduce administrative overheads

    Divorce is an emotional event and lifestyle change, but also an administrative nightmare. Selling property can be time-consuming and draining, leading to financial losses. Nemu can help you reduce the burden.

  • Get financially better outcomes

    The systems and processes in place for the division of assets in divorce more often than not have financially insufficient outcomes. Selling items can be time-consuming, but with Nemu's catalog, prices are quickly assigned, expediting a favorable settlement.

  • Reduce emotionally strain

    Splitting belongings based on both monetary and emotional value can be extremely challenging, causing arguments and emotional stress. Nemu offers an easy, manageable way to divide personal property, considering emotional significance.