We work hard so this hard time can be easier for you

Divorce is never easy. One of the biggest challenges for people going through a divorce is the division of assets and property. The situation is already stressful and tense enough without trying to negotiate who gets what. 

Nemu takes this burden off your shoulders and works to make the division of assets in divorce easy, organized, cordial, and as stress-free as possible. Using our specifically-designed algorithm and software, our team will do all the heavy lifting. You can rest assured that your assets are split evenly and fairly while saving you time and money. 

Major Challenges with the Division of Assets During Divorce

  • Highly Administrative

    Experiencing divorce is not only an emotional event and lifestyle change, it’s an administrative nightmare. When it comes to selling property, most couples do not have the time or energy to catalog, price, and advertise their items efficiently. Doing all these things effectively could make a huge difference financially, but most people just want to get it over with and can lose money in the process.

  • Financially Insufficient Outcomes

    The systems and processes in place for the division of assets in divorce more often than not have financially insufficient outcomes. In the situation of selling, it can take a lot of time and energy to price and sell your items. With your Nemu catalog, we can quickly assign prices and help you sell your items, reducing the time it takes to settle your divorce.

  • Emotionally Taxing

    It can be extremely challenging to split belongings when you’ve not only assigned monetary value to your things but also emotional value. Some possessions mean more to some people than to others and deciding who gets what can cause arguments and emotional stress on top of an already seemingly impossible situation. With Nemu, we provide an easy, manageable way to divide your personal property based on emotional value.

How Nemu can Simplify the Division of Assets in Divorce

With help from our team, using our algorithm and software, and a little bit of input from you, Nemu solves these challenges for you. We ease the emotional stress by using a holistic objective approach to assign an emotional and monetary value to your possessions to split them evenly and fairly and expedite the administrative workload.

How it works

Create your property catalog

You provide us with pictures or videos of your items and our team will create your personal property catalog.

Assign Emotional Value to fairly divide your property

Beneficiaries submit 'emotional values' for each item. Our algorithm takes those scores and equitably divides property evenly amongst participants.

Sell Items at a fair price

We provide price estimates and work with appraisers to assign certified values of your property as needed. This allows you to make informed decisions about what to keep or sell.

How to Get Started With Nemu Today

Divorce property division is complicated, challenging, and can be a very emotional process. Nemu is here to be a helping hand for you. We will make it easier, more organized, and less time-consuming. 

Every couple’s situation is different. Call us today for a free consultation and our team will walk you through the process and create a specific service proposal tailored to your personal situation. We are here to help.