Let us be a helping hand through hard times

The death of a family member or a loved one is a tragedy. Along with grief and mourning, one of the hardest challenges when dealing with the passing of a family member is figuring out how to divide inheritance fairly. 

Nemu will do everything it can to make dividing assets after death easier for you. You will not have to worry about how to divide inheritance fairly. Our software will take care of everything for you while saving you time, stress, money, and more heartache.

Difficulties With Dividing Inheritance Fairly and How We Help

  • Time-Consuming

    Cataloging, pricing, and advertising inherited property effectively can be mentally and physically taxing. People either don't have the time to do it right or don't know where to begin. We provide the tools for you to do these things efficiently.

  • Financial Stress

    When a family is put into a situation where they have to sell items of a passed loved one, cataloging, pricing, and selling everything manually takes a lot of time and effort. Many families run out of time due to the selling of their loved one’s home and end up only getting a small percent of the true value of the property. We help make sure you have accurately priced the things you want to sell, and maximize your potential to sell your items.

  • Emotionally Draining

    It is emotional dividing your loved one's things after they pass away. This is stressful between siblings, giving rise to arguments during an already heartbreaking situation. Our proprietary algorithm was built to allow you to split personal property, not relationships.

How it works

Create your property catalog

You provide us with pictures or videos of your items and our team will create your personal property catalog.

Fairly divide your property

Beneficiaries submit 'emotional values' for each item. Our algorithm takes those scores and equitably divides property evenly amongst participants.

Sell Items at a fair price

We provide price estimates and work with appraisers to assign certified values of your property as needed. This allows you to make informed decisions about what to keep or sell.

Dividing Assets After Death Can Be Less Painful With Nemu

Organizing a funeral and dealing with the emotional heartbreak of a death can be a huge task without having to worry about dividing assets on top of everything else. Trying to divide assets on your own can also fracture family relationships instead of celebrating a loved one's life.

Nemu will help to remove the emotional burden by using our objective and holistic approach to value your possessions - emotionally and financially. We help divide heirlooms fairly and take care of the administrative workload for you. Call us today for a free consultation and design a service that fits the needs of your family.