Grief is overwhelming, but we can help

Dealing with grief can be heartbreaking, and settling the estate adds stress to the process.

Nemu helps you take inventory, appraise items and equitably allocate property so that you can spend more time focused on what matters most.

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Nemu will help to remove the emotional burden by using our objective and holistic approach to value your possessions - emotionally and financially. Our platform is built to help divide heirlooms fairly and take care of all the administrative workload that you would otherwise spend weeks if not months on.

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  • Save Time

    Cataloging, pricing, and advertising inherited property effectively can be mentally and physically taxing. With Nemu you can do things efficiently.

  • Reduce Financial Stress

    When faced with selling a loved one's items, manual cataloging, pricing, and selling demand much time and effort. Nemu ensures accurate pricing and maximizes your selling potential.

  • Alleviate Emotional Strain

    It is emotionally draining to divide loved ones' things after they pass. Nemu's algorithm prioritizes property split so that you can keep your relationships at peace.