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Motivated by her own families experience of inheriting property, Sarah started building Nemu with the goal to make the process of dividing and selling family heirlooms less overwhelming, stressful, and emotional for families. And, as a result, families have more energy and time to sell residual property for its fair value.

We are a dedicated team determined to make personal property distribution an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to help you preserve your relationships, quickly sell property without compromising price, and prevent perfectly good property from entering landfills.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Countless families have been in your position before. You don't need to spend time and money organizing, tracking, and managing asset distributions. That is what Nemu is for.

Nemu does all of the heavy lifting (pun intended) for you so that you can be present for the process and carry on with other pressing things in your life. Reach out today for a free consult to learn more.

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Interested in changing the way we manage personal property? Come join our team! We are a nimble but growing team eager to protect families and protect the planet.

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